Today wholesale Plus Size Lingerie sees the UK’s first ever Lingerie Day.

The idea has been launched by Britain’s largest Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie underwear retailer Marks and Spencer (they sell a staggering 21 million bras and 60 million pairs of knickers a year?!) who thought it was about time we opened up our undies drawers and started asking ourselves some questions? For instance, is your underwear really working for you?

Do you have the right white plus size lingerie shapewear for your needs? Do you wear the right bra size? And is that favourite washed out bra really making you feel good about yourself?

Well today M&S are encouraging plus siz eblack lingerie  women to wear their best underwear and to really think about their underwear choices. In the US women go to work in just their undies on N.U.D but us Brits just aren’t ready for that.

To stop you getting your knickers in a twist here’s our guide to the best underwear solutions on the high street that will prepare you for the season ahead.

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