Gone are the days when attending a wedding needed a lot of planning, especially for NRIs who stay far away from the venue. But thanks to the webcasting concept, the families who are not able to make it to the wedding are just a click away. The unprecedented popularity of this facility is evident from the number of marriage parties opting for it and the event managers say that it has raised by more than 75 per cent in this year.

If the ongoing wedding season has proved something, it is that live streaming concept has become the new cool. So much so that it has become part of the ‘wedding packages’ that are on offer. The event managing firms say that webcasting has become a common feature in all the weddings.

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“There is no wedding now without live streaming. Every marriage party now insists of having the live streaming facility. We have seen a huge increase of 75 per cent in the number of parties opting for it in this year alone,” said managing director of a city-based event management firm Harish Ravva.

The trend which started off with marriages is now prominent among other functions as well. Right from birthday functions to naming ceremony to sangeet, all the functions are being live streamed.

“We got the half-saree ceremony of our daughter live streamed earlier this month as many of our relatives couldn’t come down as their kids had exams. So, we used the webcasting facility. Not just for NRIs, those who are in the same state can also be part of the function with this facility,” said bank employee C Nagendra Kumar.

The webcasting typically costs Rs 2,500-Rs 5,000 per hour and depending on the requirement of the marriage party, the cost goes up. It also depends on the number of users for whom the video has to be provided live. “There are different prices for different number of viewers. If it is for only 50 users we have one price, if it is 500 we have another. Price for unlimited users is usually high and varies from Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 based on the number of hours of streaming,” said event manager K Srinivasa Rao.

While almost all the wedding planners include the facility in their offerings, many users are using the services provided online. There are a handful of websites which offer the live streaming services for free, much to the delight of the users. “The baby-naming ceremony of my son was a private and low-key function. We had only tens of people abroad watching. So, I used a website which streamed the function live for free,” said techie T Sravan Pradyumna.

What’s webcasting

Webcasting is the ability to use web/Internet to deliver live or recorded versions of audio or video broadcasts. This method of broadcasting live audio and video in real-time to audiences all over the world via the internet does not need to download the content.

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