The media and online world have become so popular that everyone is into it now a days.

It’s like you don’t even have to work just start a blog or a YouTube channel. You can literally make a job for yourself on the internet! That being said it is not an easy task to take on. There are people who have made names for themselves within the beauty and fashion industries. You all may have come to know a few of them likeNikkie Tutorials, Jeffree Starr, and Manny Mua just to name a few. Just like there are popular Youtubers its the same for blogging and bloggers. Most of the time these two worlds go hand and hand. Youtubers are also bloggers and vice versa.

C/O Kerrently.comEveryone has a different story as to why they started their journey doing what they do. For example, fashion blogger Courtney Kerr who runs “Kerrently” says her journey into blogging started as “It started from Most Eligible Dallas people would send me tweets or Facebook messages or tweets and say what was the cocktail dresses uk you were wearing in like episode 3 at minute 49. ” Being a blogger is a tough thing to do especially when you are also doing it full time. There is so much editing, and revising. When it comes to her personal style everything is very crisp and clean, with a pop of sass. When you get to a certain area in your field you really become an expert at what you’re doing, and that’s exactly what Courtney has done.

Marianna Hewitt, another lifestyle blogger who covers everything on her blog from fashion, beauty, food, and travel. Marianna started her journey originally as a television host that turned into blogging. Marianna’s blog “LffeWithMe” came from her blog being a lifestyle blog and her initials M.E.

Justin Livingston, owner, and creator of “Scout Sixteen” uses his lifestyle blog to showcase his fashion and daily lifestyle. He covers style, home, and travel. With an original voice and unique perspective, Scout Sixteen is a lifestyle blog to showcase his fashion and daily lifestyle. He covers style, home, and travel. With an original voice and unique perspective, Scout Sixteen is a forest of inspiration and a place of daily discovery.

There are so many that could be included in this article but we would be reading for days. Lol.

Now that we have our bloggers lets dive into the other side of the media with our YouTubers. I am sure a lot of you will know some of the people mentioned if not all of them.

In the industry of blogging and social media platforms, you have the ability to do whatever you want. You create your own space, ideas, and content. All these bloggers and Youtubers mentioned have created their own following and have an amazing fan base. Since I’ve brought up the topic of Youtube how about we dive right into these very stylish and stunning people. All of these mentioned are fashion and/or beauty related.

Nikkie Tutorials a once regular girl, now professional hair and makeup artist, is originally from the Netherlands. Nikkie’s passion and love for makeup “came out of an unexpected corner in 2008.” as she states on her blog. She took her mother’s video camera and recorded her very first own makeup tutorial. You can always expect something very unique and different while watching Nikkie’s YouTube videos where she does her makeup tutorials. You can see her latest one she did for Halloween here. Through YouTube, Nikkie has a platform to showcase what she loves with the world.

Being someone who is into the world of fashion and beauty everyone mentioned in this post, as well as others not mentioned have really inspired me. You truly can be whoever you want to be and influence the world, and others while doing so.

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