Whether it’s something old or new, borrowed or blue, downtown Frederick offers pretty much everything on a wedding “to do” list.

And as wedding season kicks into high gear, so do the downtown retailers, with a plethora of dresses, cakes, accessories and everything else needed for the perfect nuptials.

At TLC Bridal Boutique, wedding season is a year-round event. Gowns in every style and shade of white imaginable fill the North Market Street boutique, flanked by brightly colored bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

Owner JayJay Bidle said the spring actually marks a slowdown in her business’s busy season, which starts in December in preparation for spring and summer weddings.

In those winter months, it’s not unusual for the business to help eight brides in a weekend, Bidle said.

Each two-hour appointment includes a consultation, fitting and selections from the roughly 300 dresses in stock, although the actual selections are customized to order, Bidle said.

Add in fittings for the bridal party, and it can get a bit hectic.

“We get very personal,” Bidle said. “We touch every part of your body.”

The constant pressure and exposure to wedding talk 24/7 can be a bit off-putting. But the moments of true love caught in between the hustle and bustle make it well worth it, Bidle said.

Still, sometimes the nonstop nature of wedding services can take its toll.

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Sharon Mesa, owner of En Masse, said she has cut back on the number of wedding floral arrangements her business provides for that reason.

Mesa recalled how a surge in demand for her services once totaled 200 weddings within a year. It got to be overwhelming, she said, noting that she barely remembered some of the brides she worked with in that year.

“That isn’t how I choose to do business,” she said. “We’re not a production house.”

Now, Mesa limits her wedding-related orders to two or three a month, which lets her enjoy the process.

It’s still a lot of work, though. Between setting up an initial consultation, discussing options and drawing up a proposal, Mesa estimated she spends about 15 hours per bride before the flowers are even ordered.

The towering white wedding cakes Lucie Shelton creates at Cakes to Die For are similarly time-consuming, much more so than the pastries she churns out daily.

But the elaborate designs also provide an opportunity for the North Market Street bake shop owner to showcase her creativity. Shelton recalled one cake made to resemble a giant cornucopia full of fruit for a medieval-themed wedding.

“It was really unique and fun,” she said.

Structures Salon & Spa also gets an influx of bridal business come spring and through the fall, said owner Janelle Belles. Between hairstyling, nail services, makeup applications, facials and waxing, a large bridal party can easily take over the entire salon for much of the day, she said.

Still, she said wedding-related services only make up about 12 percent of her business. She attributed this, in part, to the nature of being downtown, where less visibility and limited parking may dissuade some prospective brides from stopping in.

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