The male escorts at the centre of the scandal surrounding MP Keith Vaz have branded him a ‘liar and an actor’.

The two men, who last week alleged the shamed Labour MP had engaged in secret trysts with them, have apologised to Mr Vaz’s family – but say he ‘only has himself to blame’.

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The pair also claim the married father-of-two ‘took off his wedding ring’ when he met them at his north London flat.

Last weekend, a Sunday newspaper published undercover footage showing the MP for Leicester East with two Romanian prostitutes at a flat he owns in Edgware, North-West London, close to his family home.

In the wake of the scandal, he quit as chairman of the powerful Home Affairs Select Committee.

Speaking to the Mirror on Sunday, the men embroiled in the scandal allege Mr Vaz used ‘code word’ when texting them to arrange meetings, referring to sex as ‘painting’.

They defended their role in exposing the double life of the MP, who told them he was an ‘industrial washing machine salesman called Jim’.

They also claim he offered to fly them and other young men around the world and offered to pay £50 for each man ‘supplied’ for sex.

One told the newspaper: ‘He’s the biggest liar I’ve ever met – tricking people from every side so he can get the benefits.

‘People trusted him and voted for him. He was the best actor I’ve ever met.’

The pair said he offered to fly them to Tunisia and Morocco and could give their friends jobs as drivers.

The men have now returned to their home in Eastern Europe after the story came to light last week.

They said the MP had brought shame on his family, who were ‘the victims in this,’ adding: ‘I feel sorry for his wife. He never wore a wedding ring.’

The fresh revelations come as the MP’s wife told The Mail on Sunday she has forgiven her husband, who could now potentially face a criminal investigation.

Maria Fernandes said the revelation that her husband of 23 years paid two male prostitutes for sex had come ‘out of the blue’ and was a ‘complete shock’.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers are considering whether to begin a criminal investigation into Vaz.

The allegations against him, laid out in a letter sent by a Conservative MP, have been referred to Scotland Yard’s special inquiry team to decide whether they merit an investigation.

The probe centres on claims that Vaz offered to pay for cocaine for the two rent boys.

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