Tash Oakley in a 'Kiini'. The tiny bikini is not for the faint-hearted. 

(Photo:http://www.marieprom.co.uk/sexy-prom-dresses)There are a few things in life we can do without knowing. What Kim Kardashian had for breakfast and the exact shade of Paris Hilton’s custom pink Bentley for example. But new swimsuit trends? They top the list.

A great swimsuit, on the rare occasion you find one, is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Much like an excellent pair of jeans, they’re difficult to spot and even more difficult to try on (thanks for the fluoro lights and three-angled mirrors department stores. Or even worse, the boutiques that have no mirrors in the changerooms. To those boutiques I shake my fist!).

Yes folks, that wondrous time called swimsuit season is upon us, which means we’re heaving our bodies onto the beach and baring skin in the name of summer.

Here are the top 5 swim trends of the season – for every body.

1. The Kiini

What do Heidi Klum, Cara Delevingne and Bar Rafaeli have in common? They’ve all worn a Kiini. It’s a triangle, crochet bikini that clings to the body unlike any other crochet bikini has been able to do before it, and it will be popping up on a beach near you very, very soon. The tiny cossie is not for the faint hearted.

2. The one-piece

Thank the heavens, the stars or whoever is in charge of things like swimsuit trends, because one-pieces are officially in. No longer strictly for grannies, a one-piece swimsuit is now the epitome of chic. Yes ladies, you can cover your mummy tummy/PMS belly/Tim Tam tush with a piece of super-elastic fabric that works to hold you in and shape you, while being stylish at the same time. Excellent.

Tip: Black is not always best in a one-piece, a lighter colour works better on petite frames.

3. The high cut

Remember the high cut swimsuit? It’s back. Thanks to those dolls, the Kardashians amongst others, the high-cut swimsuit has even sparked a trend known as “side bottom” – as in, the swimsuit is so high cut it gives you a rather large expanse of skin on the side hips. This trend is for those who like their nails long, their legs fake-tanned and their beachside look glitzy. Chain belt optional.

4. The balconette bra

Finally, a swim trend that looks good while simultaneously holding up your assets. Because after breastfeeding/yo yo dieting/just living, breasts need more help than two tiny triangles of fabric on a string. The balconette bra gives shape, form and extra oomph when you need it most. It’s like support underwear, and who doesn’t need that?

5. The Triangl​

This international phenomenon was born in Australia and owner, Erin Deering, made it onto this year’s BRW rich list, with a net worth of $36 million. Just out of selling fabulous bikinis! Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Beyonce and Kendall Jenner have worn a Triangl, and this year the company evolves beyond fluoro to a sophisticated colour palette, incorporating two of the above trends: crochet and balconette in one. This is the real deal ladies. Go!Read more at:http://www.marieprom.co.uk/one-shoulder-prom-dresses

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