Our craftsmanship dies, “says Evelyna Schubert from the Dresden wigs workshop Lamettanest. Her colleague Maxi Kowalke, Managing Director of Capilli Haarwerkstatt, nods and explains, “In the past, many of the hair came from India or the Asian region. But the offer has collapsed. Many Asians now wear short hair. Earmuffs are becoming more and more popular. Today we have to pay 30 euros for 10 grams of Echthaar “. If you want to have a new wig made, you have to shell out 500 to 600 euros alone for the material costs, “says Kowalke.” In addition, the labor costs. We need around 200 hours to make a wig. This means that the price can quickly rise to several thousand euros, “explains Schubert.

Bad news for children like Elyse. The nine-year-old has suffered severe hair loss since her first year of life. “I can not even remember how it was when I had full hair,” says the primary schoolgirl. Today she wears a hair piece that is fixed to her head with a kind of band – anything but an optimal solution.

But Kowalke and Schubert are remedied. On Saturday, the trained costume and make-up artists called for the third time to donate hair for wigs. About 15 women and girls took part. “Only so we can offer the wigs that they need at a reasonable price. But the action has yet another advantage: European hair has its own structure. The wigs fit better Wigsen, “says Kowalke.

Christel is one of the donors. Your hair color match perfectly with the remaining hair of Elyse. “The street killerblond,” says the 15-year-old, laughs and explains her motive, “I’ve heard of this action and wanted to go along to help someone. Of course, I am also happy about the free haircut and the type change “.

While Christel’s hair is cut, Elyse looks straightened. She seems a bit intimidated, because of the attention that is her part. But if she is asked if she is looking forward to the new wig, her eyes shine. “I am very grateful and can hardly wait for it. I love to braid braids, that will be much better in the future, “says the young girl, smiling up at the young teenager Christel, who gives her in a few minutes a great piece of life quality.

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