There’s a certain predictability to many celebrity style trends. Some are seasonal — for instance, as excited as we are to see turtlenecks having their moment on the weather-impervious red carpet, they’ve long been a fall/winter staple. However, others are so suddenly pervasive that you think, Wait a minute, is there a cool-girl text message chain about this? (Also, how can I get in on said chain?) That’s how we feel about this bandeau-with-matching-neck-band concept.

Opener2 (1)We’ve seen the look on the likes of Kendall andKylie Jenner, as well as the latest famous offspring to become a full-fledged, Chanel-vetted fashion darling, Lily-Rose Depp. What started as a one-off seems like it’s become a go-to going-out move for plenty of other celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid.

The look isn’t new, as anyone who lived through the ’90s can attest: The tube-top-plus-choker was a textbook, no-fail accessorizing move back in the day. (Raise your hand if you still have a stretchy tattoo-esque choker or two in your possession…) But, gradually, the length of our necklaces elongated, and the neck-hugging style started to look a bit passé. Chloe Grace Moretz brought out a choker at the AMAs last Sunday, pairing a silky slip strapless wedding dress with a simple, thin band around the neck. (The barrettes holding back her bangs were an equally nostalgic touch). But what we’re seeing more often is yet another variant of the matching set: a wide swath of fabric hugging the neck plus a top that’s literally cut from the same cloth, or at least of a very close match.

Depp first turned us onto the trend when she arrived at Chanel’s spring ’16 show in a colorful tube top in a pattern from the brand’s resort collection, accented by a frayed-edged ribbon tied around her neck. Since then, it’s made its way stateside, for red carpets and after-parties, alike (and for celebrity cuddling pow-wows). And we couldn’t ask for an easier trend to DIY: Take a cue from Lily-Rose and find a ribbon to match your top. Done. For less-crafty types, Onia makes a bandeau top with a neck band that’s connected at the back, as doAmerican Apparel and Boohoo.

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This throwback trend comes right in time for the holidays, when get-togethers range from casual potlucks to dressier events. Luckily, this style translates to a wide range of settings and eliminates the need for further accessorizing. Ahead, see how a few celebrities have worn it, and get ready to see this all over the party circuit this season.

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