A prosthesis is a wig designed specifically for those who lose their hair for medical reasons. The prostheses contain a combination of tissues and compounds, used to recreate the appearance of a crown and a natural scalp. All prosthetic materials are treated to resist dirt, grease and acids in the body, while ensuring maximum comfort.

The implants are different from wigs found in department stores, quality and performance. The prostheses are made of special materials, adapted to the needs of each. They are produced in different colors and shapes. The measurements are adapted to the size of each person and are also cut and combed to order. The wigs you find in department stores are manufactured in series, often do not fit perfectly and are heavy in appearance lace wig, more complete.

It is important to know where to turn to the choice of a prosthesis. Wigs ordered by mail can be surprises with regard to color. It could also be difficult pettinarle itself. As well as having the necessary expertise for cutting and styling hair – A trichological study discount african american wigs, which offers solutions to hair problems, has technicians who are familiar with the material and are able to create the right prosthesis for Each specialized individual.

When you are looking for a solution to hair loss, you need to determine what best meets your needs. If you decide to wear hats or turbans, if you opt for a prosthesis, a professional’s advice can provide the answer to any questions.

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