The best of the best wait for this week. People fly in, drop everything and flock to New York City to get a glimpse of the newest lines.

This is Fashion Week.

This is the week all the best designers exhibit their top pieces and set the tone for a year’s worth of fashion. Fashion Week is the time to save your money and desire all the great pieces.

All the pictures can also be found on the website if you do not want to watch the whole show. I watched several shows over the weekend and a few stood out.

I loved the Erin Fetherston show on February 9. It was full of reds, golds and greens, all popular colors this fall and winter. Most of the skirts w


ere long, with lots of movement. Ruffles were also popular. Metallics were a big staple in this show. Several models were wearing flats, which could signal a new trend. Overall, it was a favorite show of mine. This red prom dresses (on left) was my favorite piece from the show. (picture: Vogue) The next show I watched was the Dion Lee show. The main colors here were pale pinks and black. Leather and silver accents/embellishments were also popular. Reds and purple made an


appearance in stunning form. Ruffles were also in fine form with this show as well. The structure of the outfits stood out to me more than anything in this show. The pieces looked professional. The models wore chunky heels, borderline platforms. I watched the Jonathan Simkhai show on February 13. It was gorgeous to say the least. The main colors he used were black, white and


silver. Denim made an appearance with lots of sparkle. Undertones included navy, rose gold, brown and hints of fur. The three white dresses towards the end were some of my favorite pieces of the week. (picture: Vogue) I caught the Leanne Marshall show on February 13. I came across this show by accident looking for one I hd missed. Little did I know, I had struck gold. These designs hooked me from the very beginning. The dresses in this show: STUNNING. They were silver with shine and movement that flowed like a river. The dress with the gray flowers (right)


was by far the greatest piece in the whole show. Three dresses stood out to me: a black strapless dress with roses, a gray dress with pom pom tassels and a grayish silver dress with flowers. I expect to see some of these dresses on a red carpet somewhere.

This show blew me away with the sheer excellence of creativity.

Oscar De La Renta is one of my all favorite designers. If anyone knows how to make a dress, it would be him. Oscar De La Renta died in 2014, but his designs live on and have not stopped taking people’s breath away. His show was my favorite without a doubt.


This show included 49 pieces. One theme throughout was the professional look. The designers accomplished this with dozens of colored and patterned straight leg pants. The uk prom dresses varied from reds with spots, to pink sparkles and black with flowers (left). The white trench coat made quite a statement. Coats were a running trend through this show: trench coats, peacoats and blazers. It’s an understatement to say that the designers are afraid of color and pattern. The entire show was gorgeous and beautifully well done.

Fashion Week is not for the faint of heart. It draws out the true designers and the best of the best. It attracts fans from all over the world. Fashion Week takes top spot in my list of favorite weeks of the year. It is the week the fashion industry lives for. All the best for those who truly appreciate the ability to design one of a kind pieces. Fashion Week is a week for fans of fashion to leave their real lives and dream of every piece seen on the runway.

Emily Hutson is a freshman English major at Bryan College. She deeply enjoys long strolls through Forever 21 and writing on her fashion blog. You can also find her reading in a corner somewhere or on Twitter or Instagram.

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