Newlyweds Sarah and Matthew Okes took a image:bridesmaid dresses online australia

Just because it’s one of the biggest days of your life doesn’t mean it should be boring.

Gone are the rigid poses and staid atmospheres of yesteryear, today’s wedding photos are all about creating unique and memorable souvenirs of saying “I do”.

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After all, Sarah and Matthew Okes are hardly going to forget the moment they stumbled upon a Black Power hikoi on their wedding day, which resulted in a striking image of the couple surrounded by patched gang members.


* Wedding picture with Black Power gang leaves couple with special memory

* Auckland couple hold wedding day photo shoot outside Burger King

* Kiwis take wedding photos outside KFC

* Bride decides to be her own wedding photographer

* Couple get their dog to film their wedding

“It really was totally unexpected, totally unplanned but didn’t it make for a wonderfully unique wedding photo,” said photographer Rebecca Inns.

In the spirit of of memorable snaps, here’s some of our favourite unusual wedding photos from around the world.


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When Ben and Kara Benson told their wedding photographer they wanted a Burger King photo shoot she tried to talk them out of it.

The Auckland couple had their first date at Burger King and Ben is a big BK fan so it seemed only right to include the fast food chain in their special day.

“We loved that idea of something different, fun and that means something to you as a couple on your big day,” Kara said.

But there’s wasn’t the first fast-food-themed shoot in New Zealand, oh no – they were pipped to the post by a Wellington couple with a love for each other, and fried chicken.

Between the ceremony and reception, Ashleigh and Louis Davis took the wedding party to the local KFC store for a wedding photo like no other.

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