Emma Thompstone shed nine stone for her big day last month 

(Photo:uk prom dresses)Emma says that what started as a journey of vanity has changed her entire lifestyle and that of her family.

The 36-year-old mother-of-twom from Oswestry, started planning for last month’s wedding at the beginning of 2014. At the time she weighed more than 22 stone and could squeeze into an elasticated size 24-26 dress.

“I thought that perhaps I was destined to always be overweight. However, after an emotional morning looking at wedding dresses – and a hurtful comment from ashop assistant – I decided I had to try to change,” she said.

Having been overweight since her childhood, Emma had tried many diet and eating plans.

“As a last resort I was considering gastric surgery but, reading about the complications online, realised that what I wanted more than ever to find a way of eating that would fit in with family life,” she said.

Deciding to give Slimming World another try Emma said: “Walking through the doors that evening was by far the hardest part, but I was greeted by a sea of friendly faces”.

In her first week, she had lost 6.5lbs and 15 months later weighed nine stone less, something she has maintained for three months. She also lost seven dress sizes.

“With a busy family life and a full-time job that involved meetings in London I found I could even find something at a service station to fit in with the plan,” she said.

Emma’s husband Darren, 40, an engineer, says he is very proud of his new wife’s weight loss.

“We’ve actually known each other for about 15 years but had not seen each other for about 10 years when we met again five years ago,” she said.

“In fact Darren even had a few people tell him they thought the two had separated because they’d seen him with another ‘slim’ lady.”

She has now given up her old job and trained to become a Slimming World consultant.

Her classes will be held at the Memorial Hall in Oswestry, starting on September 16.Read more at:cocktail prom dresses

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