Driving along Kramuon Sar Street, you will see a small wedding dress showroom on your right-hand side. Natacha Van Fashion was established last year to offer gown designing services for brides and bridesmaids.

Most brides are likely to choose a newly designed dress rather than a ready-to-wear dress, despite the fact that many wedding dresses are available on the market. At a wedding, the bride is the only woman you want to draw attention to, so the wedding dress becomes a focal point. For this reason, finding the right mermaid wedding dresses becomes a major priority for the bride-to-be once she has set the wedding date.

Natacha Van, founder and designer at Natacha Van Fashion, has more than 10 years of experience learning and practicing the designing of wedding gowns for brides in England. When she begins to design a dress she always keeps in mind that the dress represents the woman who will wear it.

“I think of the dress as being alive. I want the dress to come alive when you are wearing it. It is not just fabric on your skin; when you are wearing it, it represents you,” said the 24-year-old, who was born in Hong Kong and who has a Cambodian father.

Movement and being able to walk are very important when you wear a dress.

Ms. Van usually uses lace and chiffon to make her dresses. First, you have to find good fabric, she said. All the fabrics at Natacha Van Fashion are imported from England, Italy and France, because quality is everything in her designs, she said.

“I judge a fabric based on how it flows, how the person wearing it looks, and the movement of the dress,” she said. Low-quality chiffon doesn’t flow smoothly, so it can’t create the impression of graceful movement for the wearer, she said.

“I look at someone wearing [a dress] not just to see what brand they are wearing. It is about style, when they walk out, and the theme of the event they are going to,” she said.

Brides are advised to have a conversation with their designer about the kind of wedding dress they want. Ms. Van always gets an impression of the character of the bride, what style she likes, her body figure and the theme of the wedding. It takes a month to make a dress, including designing and tailoring.

“Once you buy a dress, you also pay for the copyright,” said Ms. Van, adding that each design is unique and will be produced only for that bride.

The combination of long-tail dress and flowers lends bridesmaids dresses a romantic air. Designs can be feminine, sexy or elegant, depending on the color of the fabric, which is the signature of Natacha Van Fashion.

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