What is a REBUS? Images and Words together
To find an answer
And how do you solve a REBUS?

Wearing it!

Yes, wearing…

RE:BUS combines several different skills, experiences and abilities.
A Creative Lab in endless evolving, that wants to express the variety of things to discover, to see, to enjoy and to live as a system of signs.
No symbols, no logos, no brands, but a real language. An alphabet of objects through which to transmit the value of creativity.

Signs and Dreams: a play of lines, words and emotions, which develops in a continuous recreate, change and improve to become Project and Subject.

RE:BUS is a brand new way to wear your thougt.

Not only a T-SHIRT, more than that.

A new concept of simplicity.
An answer.

Real. Useful. Ready.

Read. Want. Wear.

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