Princess Diana was ‘so relaxed’ on her wedding day, says dress designer

The British fashion designer Elizabeth Emanuel, who created Diana’s wedding dress in 1981 with her then husband David Emanuel told an Irish television show that the princess was “laid back” on her wedding day – July 29, 1981 – even though the world’s media were out in full force to capture the day’s events.

Speaking on the talk show Saturday with Miriam, the 64-year-old said: “Not at all, I think there was so much going on in the lead up to the wedding, she was quite laid back. On the day she was so relaxed and took it in her stride.”

She added that Princess Diana had lost a lot of weight before her wedding day which meant that the pattern of the dress had to be redone.

Asked about what she remembered about being asked to design the dress, Ms Emanuel said: “I remember clearly, I was in the middle of a fitting with another bride and the phone just kept ringing and I thought somebody else could go and get it.

“So I answered the phone ‘yes hello’ and Diana was on the phone and she said will you please design my wedding dress? She said you will have to keep it a secret.”

She added: “There was no confidentiality agreements at that time and we were all in it alone.

Ms Emanuel continued: “We did not imagine that there would be so many people watching and then we just hoped that people would like the dress.”

Speaking about Diana as a person, she said: “She was fun, she laughed a lot. It was such a joy to work with her. It was a wonderful time.”

Previously Ms Emanuel had express her “disgust” over the release of the Diana Tapes which featured in the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words.

The footage was recorded by Peter Settelen, who was hired by the Princess of Wales between 1992 and 1993 to help with her public speaking voice.

She was filmed at Kensington Palace talking about her marriage to the Prince of Wales, their sex life and how she confronted him about his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Ms Emanuel said: “I think that is so disgusting… I think it’s terrible.

“It doesn’t hurt her memory at all. It shows she was human and had vulnerabilities. It does hurt everybody else sadly.

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