Clay PearsonPearland council members have apologized to residents living off Orange Street after learning that despite a city promise, a project has made the road higher in places.

As a result, the city intends to redo portions of the road where asphalt repaving increased its height by more than 1 inch.

Before work started earlier this year, residents had received assurances from council members that the road’s height wouldn’t increase. Residents worry that a higher road may add to long-standing drainage problems in yards.

After a council meeting last week attended by Orange Street residents, City Councilman Greg Hill expressed a desire to finally resolve drainage issues that residents living along the street say they’ve dealt with since the 1970s.

After meeting with the contractor, AAA Asphalt Paving, a city attorney determined that the contractor’s work on the road was in accordance with contract specifications, according to Councilman Tony Carbone.

Carbone said the city’s Public Works Department did not properly communicate with the contractor.

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Hill said that the asphalt overlay will be redone in segments where the road height was increased.

He said it will cost approximately $38,000 to $42,000 to redo parts of the street. Carbone added that the city has enough in its contingency budget to cover the costs.

The overlay work on Orange Street was nearly complete but was delayed because of a lack of asphalt.

The final phase of the project entails converting Orange Street from Texas 35 to Schleider Drive to include curbs and gutters. Dates have not been determined for that work, which will now be added to the second phase of construction along Old Alvin, which will be expanded to four lanes from Plum to McHard, according to Carbone.

While Public Works Department officials had argued that raising the street level wouldn’t adversely affect the Orange Street neighborhood’s drainage, residents such as Paul Eskine said they believe that increasing the height of the road may exacerbate problems.

At least week’s meeting, City Manager Clay Pearson also apologized to residents. He said that increasing the road’s height despite council’s promise not to do so was a result of “poor communication.”

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