In general, there are a total of two types of wigs about material lace front wigs cheap, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are more expensive ponytail wig, but will give you more natural look and comfortable fee. However, synthetic wigs can leave you more free time lace wigs as they take care easy and stylish. But they can take shorter time. Compared with their pros and cons to your own requirements, you will find what you really need.

Will wigs affect my natural hair growth?
We have searched many websites and no studies of wigs shows on the hair growth to have an effect. So you can feel light when you wear your first wigs.

Will people know I ladies’ wig carry a wig?
Generally speaking, No. First, as long as you choose some wigs that are similar with your own hair, perhaps no one will find there is any difference in your appearance. Then everyone has to do many things every day, and they will most likely ignore your little change.

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