Melissa McMeekin is a vintage fashion plate.

The actress, whose credits include Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick” and David O. Russell’s upcoming “Joy,” is a pin-up girl at heart, having loved old Hollywood glamour since childhood.

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“I was 5 in a boa,” said McMeekin, who lives in Rockport. “I love the ’40s because women were really strong — because they had to be — but still they embraced their femininity.”

That translates into unabashed vintage-style dresses in modern fabrics. McMeekin scours her favorite websites such as at all hours of the day — “I shop a lot at 1 a.m.” — for pieces with plunging necklines, bright colors, and cinched waists.

“Fun and flirty — that’s what I love about this dress,” she said, spinning around in a red polka-dot dress “It’s not, ‘Here’s my whole body out there,’ but it’s very sexy in a classic feminine way.”

On a fashion mission: “Short women can wear jumpsuits. I have a navy one I wear with yellow or orange heels and also a bright orange Vince Camuto one I wear on the plane. It feels like I’m in pajamas, but people think I’ve gotten dressed up.”

Her son’s influence on her style: “I am originally a blonde. My son is a redhead. I took a picture of him into the salon and went red. Now I just feel like I was always a redhead. When I wear my polka dots, I feel like Lucille Ball.”

On that tattoo: “David Spade signed my foot and I immediately went to a tattoo parlor and had it tattooed on. When I called my husband, I could hear him roll his eyes.”

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