It’s Mariah’s World, we’re just living in it!

Mariah Carey is letting fans inside her divalicious lifestyle in a brand new promo for her upcoming eight-part event docu-seriesMariah’s World. The clip begins in true Mariah fashion as the “Heartbreaker” songstress lounges around her luxurious home in sexy lingerie.“I’d rather like make everything fun,” Mariah says while dripping in diamonds. “Is this a normal outfit for people to wear? I don’t know, but I’m at home and this is what I wear.”

Us lambs also get to see the superstar making music and planning her upcoming wedding to billionaire fiancé James Packer. Mariah tries on haute couture wedding celebrity dresses in between touring across Europe and hanging with her twins. Mimi even shows us her mischievious side when she prank calls people in a thick New York accent.

“Hi! IT’s Pamela, how are you? I’m calling from Mariah’s team,” Carey says over the phone. “Who is this?” a confused woman replies.

“My name is Pamela, I work for Mariah!” the chart-topper cracks as her entourage bursts in laughter.

“There is no typical day in Mimi’s life,” Mariah says. We believe it!

Check out the hilarious new Mariah’s World promo for yourself!

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