I will share a secret with you. I’ve never confessed this to anyone … and yet here I go writing it in a book! Ah well, here goes. When I look in the mirror, I’m surprised by the reflection. The person I feel I am on the inside doesn’t match up with the person staring back at me. I’ve taken issue all my life with that reflection. The hair is too curly. The skin too brown. The lips too full. The eyes too big. The body the wrong shape. The legs too strong. It goes on and on … but the end result is the same: I avoid mirrors much like other people avoid needles or unpleasant coworkers; it’s just too uncomfortable.
Instead, I focus on helping other women so they will not feel the way I feel. I want to be my client’s cheerleader, confidence-builder, an uplifting friend who gives her something valuable: maybe it’s the gift of seeing herself in a way she’s never seen herself before; a renewed sense of confidence; or ammo she can use in the fight against her own negative internal script.

That is my tagline, my mission, and I am driven by it. It shapes every single thing I do:

  • from the very first moment a prospect reaches out to me and I excitedly share the potential and power of boudoir photography;
  • to every encouraging word I say to calm her nerves during the shoot;
  • to sharing a laugh or a happy tear with her as I reveal her beauty—raw and perfect;
  • to the care I take in packaging and handwriting a meaningful personal note;
  • to the warm hug as I send her back out into the world—armed with her book filled with proof that she is a beautiful, sensual, strong individual, and that she is, quintessentially, a woman.

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