The women look horrified. The men look oblivious.

And that, to wedding photographer Leslie Hollingsworth, is the funniest thing about the image she captured just as a car nearly hits her while she was shooting a bridal party in front of an Alabama church.

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“The girls’ expressions are just hysterical, because they’re so horrified. I mean, thank God, they had concern for me, that made me feel good,” said Hollingsworth, laughing. “And the guys are just like, ‘what?’’’

The bride and groom, staring intently into the camera, were unfazed.

Hollingsworth was shooting the recent Birmingham wedding of Leah Juliano and Peter Saab when she assembled the massive party (28 bridesmaids and groomsmen) on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

“Obviously, it’s an extremely large wedding party,” she told Inside Edition Tuesday. “I had to step back to get everyone in the frame.”

So she was standing about two feet off the curb, in a parallel parking spot, with the bride’s father standing behind her, watching her back.

“I was in the zone,” she said. “I was just trying to get my stuff done. I really didn’t notice anything.”

Until the bride’s dad pushed her, and then “he was kind of yelling and shaking his fist, which was pretty funny.”

She hadn’t realized a speeding car had nearly just plowed right into her.

Hollingsworth didn’t realize she had captured the moment until her developed film came back about two weeks later.

She immediately posted the image on Facebook.

And then media outlets started calling.

“The whole thing is just so crazy,” she said.

The near-miss was just a moment in an otherwise lovely day, she said. “It didn’t outshine the wedding,” she said. “We all forgot about it until I got the film back and posted that photo,” she said.

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