Veteran Leesburg photographer and artist Rebekah Murray has launched a new line of “simple” and “elegant” day dresses and has started an online donation campaign on Kickstarter to help her buy more fabric and expand her production at a larger factory.

After always finding herself searching for the “perfect evening dresses,” Murray, the granddaughter of a New York City fur designer, decided to make dresses of her own.

“When I picture that perfect adventure, I’m wearing the perfect dress, but I can’t find that dress and neither can my friends,” Murray said in a video. “The everyday dresses we see are usually too skimpy or too shapeless, or too trendy or just not flattering.”

“I’m not reinventing fashion, just trying to make the dresses so many of us are looking for,” she said.

Murray’s Virginia Dare Dress Co., named after the first Englishwoman born in America, features “simple, flattering shapes” that balance the “casual and elegant, deep jewel-toned solids” and provide high-quality textured fabrics, simple prints and florals.

Dresses range from $140 to $195, which Murray said make them an “affordable investment” especially for millennial professionals looking to fill their wardrobes.

Murray’s first collection is made up of three styles: a lightweight wrap dress with a full skirt, a stretch cotton floral dress with pockets and a heavy-weight ponte knit dress with pockets.

To further the brand’s “ideals of adventure, courage and optimism,” Virginia Dare evening gowns uk Co. will also “seek to cultivate a community of kindreds” by hosting seasonal dinners and events for customers and their friends.

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