As someone who loves both fantasy and fashion, I’m constantly drawing inspiration for my daily style from the fantastic fantasy dresses from movies. I have always been someone who enjoys visual stimulation whenever I’m watching a film — not in the form of explosions or crazy stunts, though, but with elaborate and dramatic costumes (and even more specifically, dresses). I’m often completely enchanted by the interesting shapes and exaggerated silhouettes, the stunning hues and patterns, and the impressive imagination that so obviously went into the thought and design of any given piece.

Fashion tells its own story through these gowns: The kinds of dresses that make you wish it was appropriate to walk around in a bedazzled, magical outfit at all times circa 2016. Alas, unless it’s Halloween (or you’re on your way to the Renaissance Fair) wearing dresses inspired by fantasy films just isn’t the norm. Not to mention that they can be extremely impractical.

Rather than wearing exact versions of the gowns themselves, what we can do is take inspiration from them and apply it to our contemporary, everyday style. That said, let’s take a look at 11 fantastic fantasy dresses along with modern styles inspired by the looks.

1. Cinderella’s Blue Ball Gown

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While watching the 2015 adaptation of Cinderella, I literally gasped aloud when her tattered dress magically turned into this absolutely breathtaking blue, glittering ballgown. With layers upon layers of shimmering, glittering fabric, it appeared to be constructed of actual stardust.

Although you may not be able to wear a dress as full and grand as Cinderella’s every day, you can definitely find alternatives inspired by her enchanting gown.

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