While asking those close to you to be in your bridal party is a total no-brainer, unfortunately the same can’t be said for selecting the wardrobe! How to choose bridesmaid dresses is the question, and designer Hayley Paige has amazing tips that everyone should keep in mind when searching for the perfect looks.

If you think trying to find the right wedding dress might be tricky, just wait until you begin the search for bridesmaid dresses! While your bridesmaids may not be able to swap dresses or even have the same sense of style, they all have one thing in common — and that’s the important role they play in your life. Since you have decided to honor these lucky ladies by inviting them to partake in your wedding festivities it is important not to lose sight of them when selecting a dress. You can’t always make everyone happy but you can certainly alleviate the stress with a few considerate steps. We chatted with designer Hayley Paige who offered up her tips for making the process quick and painless for everyone involved.

how to choose bridesmaid dressesWhile you might’ve always dreamed of being surrounded by a sea of pink ruffles, keep your bridesmaids in mind when piecing together your wedding. “Before placing them into a girly gaggle of matchy-matchy, think about individuality and how to facilitate style based on each girl’s distinctive shape,” Hayley said.

Moving away from matchy-matchy cheap wedding dresses online also allows your pals to find a frock they feel completely comfortable in. You can easily select a dress and then have them pick a neckline or silhouette that they like best. “Bridesmaids are evolving from a coordinated afterthought into an orchestra of style and versatility. There is a ton of mix-and-matching within the party, playing with varying shades of the same color and hints of sparkle. Changing up the game is the new trend – like putting the bride in color and the maids in all ivory/white,” she said. Even if you select the same dress for everyone in your bridal party, you can vary the looks by selecting different shades — and your friends will love having a unique look!

Hayley also filled us in on what styles are most popular for the upcoming season. “We do very well with floor length chiffon gowns because they are so versatile and wearable. As long as it’s the same fabrication, brides love the idea of mixing up the color palate or design based on each girl’s unique style,” she said. Join Amazon Prime For Free – Thousands of Movies & Shows Anytime

Dressing up is supposed to be fun — and no one wants to feel uncomfortable when they’re on display on your wedding day, posing for countless pictures and participating in the festivities, so just kindly keep your gals in mind when picking out the perfect frock. It is obviously the bride’s day and there are so many decisions to be made, so once you have an idea of the color and style you like you can be a little less rigid with the silhouette — it is all about picking and choosing what’s most important to you and what will make your friends feel totally glam as they support you!

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