The internet can poison lives, but Men, Women and Children has nothing new to tell us  Online


The thumping great paradox of the information age, with hot red lingerie its range of communication tools that we couldn’t have begun to imagine even 20 years ago, is that we’ve forgotten how to communicate.

Where once we talked to each other, cheap lingerie sites  now we email, text, tweet. Where it used to be hormones that complicated relationships between teenagers and their parents, now it’s also Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. Some children spend more time on games consoles than they do at school. We’re all being swept to hell, along the information super-highway.

That, in a nutshell, if you’ll plus size satin lingerieentertain such an old-fashioned image, is what Jason Reitman’s film Men, Women And Children is all about. It is based on a novel of the same name by Chad Kultgen, and although it focuses on suburban Texas, it might just as well be Tynemouth or Towcester, or any community where satellite technology has fractured understanding and empathy between generations.

The film begins, arrestingly, with a shot pink babydoll nightie  of the Voyager space probe, moving towards distant galaxies. A plummy voiceover by Emma Thompson tells us that the probe has been filled with information about life on Earth, for the benefit of any extra-terrestrials who might encounter it.

The message seems to be that our planet is a mere speck in the universe, yet made up of myriad lives, loves, troubles and triumphs, all of them — or at least all of them in countries where this picture is likely to get an airing — suddenly in the clammy grip of the World Wide Web.

Thompson’s narration then narrows in on individuals, such as Don (Adam Sandler), stuck in a stale marriage with nothing in common with his son Chris (Travis Tope) except, he discovers, a passion for online pornography.

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