Google has taken down its default photograph that depicted state Rep. Al Baldasaro and his gun-wielding wife and wedding party in its Knowledge Panel for Londonderry.

“I have not heard from Google, but it is my understanding that the photograph has been removed,” said Attorney Michael Ramsdell, legal counsel for the town.

Ramsdell said the town council was pleased with the removal of the photograph, which was the ultimate goal when Ramsdell notified Google’s legal team last month asking that the photo be replaced.

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When searching Google, the first photograph under the town of Londonderry that automatically popped up was a picture of Baldasaro wearing a tuxedo, joined by his wife and her wedding party all holding long firearms. The photo, however, was removed sometime on Tuesday — the same day the Google issue was published in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

After the story gained attention on social media, Baldasaro posted on Twitter, “My wife emailed (Google) last night asking them to take it down.”

Baldasaro said Monday that he was unaware that his wedding photo from 2013 served as the default photograph when searching Londonderry on Google, acknowledging that the picture should not be representing the town in that manner.

He said the photograph was his wife’s idea, and at the time it was originally posted on social media four years ago created turmoil for his family.

Baldasaro said he was also not aware that the town’s legal counsel reached out to Google last month asking that the photograph be removed and replaced with something more picturesque and charming that represents the community.

“It appears that the remarkable feature of the photograph is the four women in the wedding party holding long guns,” Ramsdell wrote to Google’s attorney. “It is the town council’s understanding that detractors of Rep. Baldasaro have popularized the photograph with the hope that it would be deemed sufficiently embarrassing to help defeat Rep. Baldasaro in the Nov. 2016 election.”

Baldasaro, however, is typically one of the highest vote-getters for the town in the state election, according to John Farrell, town council chairman.

It is still unclear how the photograph became associated with the town Google search. Farrell said the Knowledge Panel photos are based on the number of hits and the algorithm of the search engine.

For now, only a map of the town remains in the panel. Ramsdell said he is unsure whether a new photograph will be selected, but recommended one of the town’s apple orchards or the Londonderry High School Lancers’ Marching Band as an alternative.

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