Because finding a great evening dress size is not of the easiest shops dominated by size 36, discover our selection of evening dresses big sizes that will make you love your shapes.
The year-end holidays unable… And it is not always easy to find a pretty formal dress that puts our curves in value. When it finally finds the rare Pearl, is the drama: cannot find its size…

little black formal dresses

little black dresses

So to put an end to this puzzle, many brands have heard our distress signal by launching collections that adapt to the morphology of the women, as Asos did especially with its line “Curve” and Mango with “Violeta.” Others still such as Scarlett or Marina Rinaldi exclusively offer great clothing size, just as stylish as those found in the usual ready-to-wear brands. Because Yes, it is possible to be elegant and sexy even when it does not fit into a tiny 36.
Lace, sequins, draped, low-cut, asymmetric cutting… A multitude of options open to us. However, there are a few errors to not commit when choosing her evening dress. For example, it is important to not choose a too short, even if one can obviously afford to reveal her knees. Idem on the too-tight model which may said our forms: better focus straight cuts for contoured forms, not necessarily very flattering.

short formal dresses

Short formal dresses

If side colors, black remains our best ally, nothing prevents us to wear more vivid shades, especially when the cut of the dress is loose and fluid. When it comes to Accessories, we prefer chic and discreet to feminize her outfit. The heels are also recommended because they allow to lengthen legs and rush the silhouette.
Discover the most beautiful evening dresses large size of the winter in the following slideshow.

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