At 21, GIGI HADID already has quite a résumé: jet-setting supermodel, Instagram phenom, fashion designer. On a sweltering summer Sunday in Manhattan, she added another line to her CV: “My friend has a garage on the street, so we decided to have a lemonade stand,” Hadid says. The friend—fellow supermodel Kendall Jenner —made the lemonade, and Hadid painted the sign; they earned about $100, which they donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “It’ll help, like, four dogs,” Hadid says, laughing. “But it was fun.”

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It’s hard to imagine a pair of earlier-generation supermodels—say, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista—hawking lemonade on a sweaty street corner. But Hadid has made a career out of being the kind of bombshell-next-door who might plausibly walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show one day and sell refreshments to save puppies the next. Tucked into a corner table at Manhattan’s Ludlow House, a Soho House offshoot on the Lower East Side, she’s sporting a relaxed burgundy-and-navy Tommy Hilfiger suit, a white mock-turtleneck crop top and sneakers that she’s not sure who made. “Let me check!” she chirps, yanking one off. (For the record: Montreal brand ZCD.)

“I think it’s called effortless,” says Hilfiger, who has cast Hadid in multiple campaigns and runway shows; made her the face of his new fragrance, The Girl; and named her a global brand ambassador. “She’s got great confidence, but not in an arrogant way. The first time she modeled for me, we had 50 models in the show, and she was the first person to come up and say, ‘Thank you very much for having me.’ Let me tell you: That does not happen.”

“She’s just genuinely herself,” agrees supermodel Karlie Kloss, another of Hadid’s good friends. “In friendships, professional relationships and social media, you’re getting the same Gigi.”

Hadid’s relatability is a big part of her success, placing her at the forefront of a squad of contemporaries whose online celebrity has grown hand-in-hand with their modeling careers—including Kloss, Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Hadid’s younger sister, Bella. “It’s weird, because it happened so naturally for me,” Hadid says of her 22 million–plus Instagram followers. “I think Instagram started when I was a junior in high school—if you scroll to the bottom of my account, I still have pictures with 500 likes. And then it just happened to be the theme of our generation of models: the ‘social-media supermodel’ or whatever they call it.”

To be fair, Hadid was likely always going to be a model, web fame or not. She booked her first gig at the age of 2, when Guess co-founder Paul Marciano spotted her in his daughter’s preschool class and cast her in a Baby Guess campaign. But Hadid’s mother—the Dutch former model Yolanda Hadid—forbade her from modeling professionally until she was 18 so she could have as normal a childhood as possible. Hadid spent her toddler years in Aspen, Colorado, where her father, the real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, built the Ritz-Carlton hotel (now the St. Regis). Soon they moved to Santa Barbara, California, where Hadid jumped horses competitively, including her favorite mare, Calypso’s Trendy Lady. (“She was brave,” she recalls. “When she heard that bell, she would go nuts.”) Later, while at Malibu High, Hadid was a captain of the volleyball team. “I miss it a lot,” she says of the sport. “I could still go play, but being on a team, playing all day in a tournament—there’s nothing in life like that.”

When Hadid started modeling in earnest and booking jobs—landing campaigns for Guess and, later, Tom Ford—she and her mom plotted out a list of goals: the big four Vogue covers (American, British, French and Italian), a Victoria’s Secret show, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and a clothing line. They called it a five-year plan; Hadid finished it in about a year and a half. The last item on the list came to fruition in September with the launch of the collaborative collection she designed with Hilfiger, called Tommy x Gigi.

Hadid says the collection is “very Tommy”: She took his nautical theme and “put my style on it—made it a little more street, a little more cool.”

Now that it’s time for a new five-year plan, Hadid isn’t rushing into anything. She’s designing more (the Gigi Boot, her collaboration with Stuart Weitzman, launches this fall); she might try acting; and she’d love to have her own food show someday. (A cooking buff—“It’s very calming for me”—Hadid competed on Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef in January, and her pickled-jalapeño burger won $25,000 for Lyme disease research, in honor of her family members who have battled the illness.) “I’m open to anything,” Hadid says. “I think if you’re good at what you do and a good person, a lot more opportunities come than you even plan for or strategize.”

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