Once look like Victoria Beckham? With the wig model “Victoria” is possible. The asymmetrical short haircut fits perfectly, even after washing, explains Kurt Morgenthaler and smoothes a few unruly hair from “Victoria”. For over 40 years he has been making hairstyles for people who have no hair or only a part of it. 80 percent of his clients are women who lose most of their hair because of chemotherapy. Almost every evening he visits patients in the hospital. “My goal is always to find the wig closest to the original hairdresser,” he says. For this he has his clients try different wigs.

Once the appropriate model is found whole lace wigs human hair, it adapts to the wearer. Almost everything is possible: from Mèche to a point. “I have more than 500 hairstyles,” he says. But since one also goes with the wigs with trends, he must depreciate some obsolete models at some point. As Victoria Beckham changes her hairstyle so often, one of the following fates is likely to blossom for the model “Victoria”: either it is shipped to Romania or packed into the theater box. Theater designers and make-up artists can then make use of this and “Victoria” would have the chance to be on the stage again.

Makeup artists also come to Morgenthaler to learn the craft of periwinkle cones. There is no special training for this, and in the hairdresser’s training, wiggling is only theoretically an issue – not as before brazilian lace front wigs, when knitting was part of the hairdressing training. The same is true with the real hair wigs. About the only one speaks. They have long since been replaced by artificial fiber hair. “They are much easier and more easy to clean,” says Morgenthaler. He himself stored in the cellar more than 100 kilograms of Echthaare and does not know what to do with it.

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