With a friendly nod to Joan Rivers, “Can we talk?”

I think it’s swell that the Obama females are on another international cultural tour – mother, two daughters and grandmother.

It’s just heartwarming they’re all getting a first-class ’round the world experience – this time London, Milan, Vicenza and Venice.

Media say the first lady is representing our country as she continues her march across continents, giving speeches and glad-handing with royalty and politicians.

We’ve got the pictures in media – print, TV and the Internet.

First lady Michelle Obama and daughters, Sasha and Malia, on global tour

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Yes, pictures!

As I said, “Can we talk?”

I have a beef with all this – and I realize I’m in somewhat dangerous territory – but I’m appalled at the wardrobes of the first lady and her children.

I know, I know. We’re not supposed to criticize Michelle or the girls.

I don’t know where that came from, but it’s about time we’re relieved of the “emperor has no clothes” rule.

And forget that the kids are off limits.

If the parents take the children with them on official travels and include them in virtually every public event, then what they do, look like and wear are fair game for comment.

If I see another picture of Michelle, Sasha and Malia trooping up or down the steps to their plane with their legs hanging out, I think I’m going to throw up.

What’s going on with the short, short skirts?

She must have known that could happen, so why wear a full skirt? Or, at the very least, any decent dressmaker knows to put weights in the hems of skirts and dresses so that cannot happen. Women of substance and class do that as a matter of course.

But in terms of Michelle Obama’s entire wardrobe, there’s something wrong with it, and it’s either her fault or the fault of her “advisers.”

I don’t know which, but ultimately she wears the clothes, so the responsibility is hers.

Not that the colors aren’t lovely, and not that the designs aren’t attractive. Most are, but they’re more suitable for a younger woman.

Michelle Obama is 51 years old. She’s the wife of the president. She’s traveling as a representative of our government and our country.

Why doesn’t she dress her age and status?

I’m not saying dowdy. I’m suggesting some top-notch designs for a woman of substance – smart, classy, and chic.

Did you see her wardrobe in the current trip? Look at the pictures, look at the designs.

Clearly Michelle Obama is very “high-waisted,” and for some reason, which is beyond me, she insists on emphasizing that.

She wears clothes that have waistlines snuggled just below her breasts. Remember all her outfits with enormously wide belts in front? Those only emphasize the problem and make her look heavier.

Even without the belt, the high waistline creates a full-skirted look all around her body and it makes her look more than chunky – front and back.

Proof? One photo from the current Italian trip. It shows her her sideways, with the high waist in front and unfortunately, showed that her bottom is not trim.

(In case you’re wondering, I am professionally trained and experienced in fashion and design.)

But aside from the clothing, this whole trip (among many) is an opportunity for the Obamas to introduce their children to a world they’ll find difficult to match in their own lives.

(Can you imagine what the girls will expect of their future husbands in terms of the finer things of life?!)

The trips are wonderful, and the taxpayers foot the bill. Estimates are that this current excursion will likely cost us upward of $700,000.

Remember Michelle’s China trip with the $8,000-a-night hotel tab?

Yes, I know they pay for private accommodations on vacations with taxpayers paying all the other expenses.

But trips like the current one are on our dime.

Why does this first family get carte blanche on the world? No other first family has.

Do they consider themselves so special as the first black first family that they have the right to do whatever, whenever and however and the public isn’t told the details or the costs?

When a spokesman is asked the costs, the usual response is, “That the information isn’t available.”

Last year, the National Taxpayer Union Foundation reported that Obama family travels cost the taxpayers $44,351,777.12.

Michelle Obama never stops telling audiences that she had it somewhat tough growing up. She’s sure making up for lost time!

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