Fashion designer and former model Jackie Rogersallegedly called a black employee in her Palm Beach store a “field n . . . . .” then filed a phony police report against the employee when she objected to the racial slurs, according to a lawsuit going to trial tomorrow in West Palm Beach.

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Longtime Worth Avenue employee Sandro Armstrong filed the lawsuit in 2012, after she was fired as manager of the Jackie Rogers store at 256 Worth Ave.

Three years later, Rogers, 82, is expected at the trial, which is to decide the damages that Rogers will have to pay Armstrong.

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All of Rogers’ pleadings were stricken because one of her previous lawyers (she’s had three before Cynthia Simpson-Cannon, her current attorney!) failed to follow court orders.

So Rogers, it seems, is going to pay for the slurs.

Just how much will be up to the jury.

“It’s going to be at least in the six figures,” says Armstrong’s lawyer, Nick Johnson. “Ms. Armstrong built a reputation in Worth Avenue stores of being honest and hard-working, and that reputation was tarnished overnight with racist remarks and a false police report.”

In 2011, according to the lawsuit, Armstrong objected to Rogers’ use of language at the store.

In the six years she’d worked there, according to the paperwork, Armstrong says she was the object of ridicule from the part of the owner in front of customers.

Rogers allegedly told Armstrong she’s her “field n……” and “f…… stupid” and “you’re not doing your f…… job” and “get your head out of your ass.”

Armstrong was fired and soon became the target of a Palm Beach Police investigation. What Rogers told police, however, didn’t match the facts that police dug out. The report was never filed with the State Attorney’s Office.

Now, Rogers’ fourth lawyer says the case should never have gotten to trial.

“This is a tragic case of abuse of our justice system,” Simpson-Cannon said. “Ms. Rogers’ business partner is black, and he’ll testify that Ms. Rogers is not a racist.”

A successful model in New York City in the 1950s, Rogers dabbled with the fame as the mistress of Sammy Davis Jr.

In time, Rogers parlayed her sense of style into a clothing line of her own design.

She owns stores in Palm Beach and The Hamptons, and a studio in Manhattan.

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