Real hair wigs not only offer the possibility to change the natural individual look, but are often the only way for many people to conceal any visual “maladministration” that can occur not only due to illness but also due to stress or hormone-related circumstances. This enables everyone concerned to shine with a well-groomed appearance not only in the private life, but also in the professional life. For many, there is only the way to the hairdresser or another specialist, who has special knowledge in the production of this second hair. People who are already enthusiastic wiggle carriers can get hold of one or the other bargains in conventional department stores or afroshops. If you have not studied wigs yet, you should consult a specialist shop beforehand.

Echthaar wigs are made mainly from the high-quality hair of young Indian women, who sacrificed their hair in a wedding ritual in the temple and are therefore blessed for the time as future spouse with all the good wishes of the gods. The Indian hair is particularly suitable for the production of these earthen wigs because they are very similar in structure to the European hair. Echthair from other European countries have already been chemically treated and do not have sufficient quality. In contrast to artificial hair wigs, earmuffs can be individually dressed and groomed. If you are not satisfied with the offered natural hair color of the wig, you can adjust the hair to the desired color using the traditional hair colors, which are now available in every supermarket and every drugstore. Whether blond or black, the selection of natural-looking colors is great and conjures a natural look curly lace wig, even for real hair wigs. Hair coloring is quick and easy. It is best to use the domestic bath, which can be protected against ugly stains with a plastic film.

Since very many hairs are needed for the production of real hair wigs, you should first get 2 packs of the desired hair color so that you can achieve the desired result. Especially when the hair is long, it is often not enough to pack the desired hair color. Real hair wigs have to be treated in the same manner as care and styling, as are sensitive and stressed natural hair. For the washing of the hair should predominant mild and nourishing shampoos be used. A final hair rinse or grooming treatment makes the hair appear particularly shiny and natural. The dyeing and the subsequent styling can be carried out as with natural hair. Whether dyeing, washing, twisting or drying, earthenware wigs are not only a welcome alternative in cases of genetic or disease-related hair loss, but are also particularly suitable for optical types. You see, dyeing hair dyes is a very comprehensive subject that we will continue to address in our blog in the future …

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