Dress up as your favourite antagonist this Halloween 

(Photo:cheap formal dresses uk)Princess and superhero costumes take a back seat this Halloween, as Delhiites prefer to channel their inner villain by dressing up as their favourite antagonists.

It’s that time of the year when you dress up in your spooky best. And it seems like evil wins when it comes to costumes in Delhi. Gone are the days when Dilliwallahs would dress up in pretty costumes or as their favourite superheroes. Especially not when dressing up like villains make for sexier, more interesting and easy-to-put-together options. Batman supervillains win Batman villains like the Joker, Court of Owls, Nightwing, Scarecrow, Deadshot, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Harley Quinn and Catwoman are some of the bad guys Delhi’s Halloween revellers just can’t get enough of. Samartha Srivastava, who just completed his graduation from Bloom Public School and will be dressing up as the Joker, says, “The Joker is one of my favourites among all the villains. I prefer him over Batman, in fact. I also love Mr Freeze and Matt Hagen/Clayface, but everyone knows and loves the craziness of the Joker. Besides, it’s also a tribute to Heath Ledger, who is one of my favourite actors, so it’s a double win!” Jatin Varma, founder of Comic Con India, says, “More than Batman, it’s the villains who are more popular. At every Comic Con, we see at least 100 people dressed up as Joker!”

Villains have more sass and attitude

Anisha Tiwari, 27, who will also be dressing up as the Joker, says, “The Joker is legendary. Yes, we all love Batman, but it’s the villains who spice things up and make for much cooler costumes than the heroes. Besides, dressing up like the Joker is just one aspect of it. The main part is the attitude, the creepy smile and the arrogant and cunning laugh.” For the men, Bane seems to be another favourite. “I think Bane is the coolest villain of all time. Besides, dressing up like Bane is just half of it. I’ve been practicing my Bane voice and the way he crosses his arms,” says Pankaj, a 20-year-old DU student, who has also shaved his head pull off the look for Halloween. “Villains are more about the style rather than their superpower,” says Ashutosh Banerjee, a law student. He adds, “I’m dressing up as Two-Face this year. He’s actually a hero because he took the fall for Batman while he was still Harvey Dent, before he went crazy and became Two-Face. But even as Two-Face, his character is meatier and has more shades than Batman.” And while speaking about sass, how can we forget Catwoman? Kanika Rai, 24, who works with an NGO, says, “I think Catwoman is hotter than any female superhero – be it Superwoman or the Black Widow. And so, this year, I’m dressing up as Catwoman.” Garima, 29, a fashion blogger, says, “I’m dressing up as Harley Quinn, one of my favourite characters of all time. She’s agile, spunky and she’s Joker’s sidekick, and she’s also in love with him. I love the Joker and I love Harley Quinn, not just for being a bada, but also because she’s the closest Joker will get to being with someone. Batman has Robin, Joker has Harley Quinn. The latter is definitely the sassier, more complex and more fun duo.”

More options for villain costumes

And while there are just a handful of superheroes, there is a wide range of cool villains to choose from. “I’m dressing as the Green Goblin this year. Though I wanted to dress up as Doc Ock, it’ll be too tricky. So I went ahead and bought a Green Goblin mask online, and I’m all set. That’s the thing about dressing up as villains – you have a lot of options because all these superheroes have so many enemies, each very different from the other,” says Karan Juneja, 26, who works with a publishing firm. “I love the Silver Banshee from Superman. She’s not there in any movie, but I read the comics religiously and I think she’s totally bada. If not as her, I would have gone as Poison Ivy. Superheroes are cool and are the ‘good guys’, but there’s just a handful of them that you can dress up as, while you have loads of villains. Also, superheroes have the same powers, abilities and look, whereas there is a wider range when it comes to villains,” says Aastha Nigam, 21, an engineering student in Gurgaon. “I’m dressing up as Mystique, my favourite X-Men character, and my sister is going as Angel Salvadore (the mutant with the ability to fly, with insect-like wings tattooed on her body). They both require some hardcore paint work and makeup, but it’s better than dressing up as Jean Grey or Storm or Wonder Woman. Our backup plan is to go as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. There are many options to chose from if you want to dress up as a villain,” says Sakshi Chugh, 24, who works with a PR firm. Even when it comes to the Avengers, it’s Loki who’s a favourite. “I’m dressing up as Loki this year because I thought he was pretty cool. Among the Avengers, he was my only option. The Hulk is difficult to pull off, Captain America is too much of a pansy for me, Thor is just too good for his own good and I don’t want to wear a mask. Besides, my name is Lokesh,” laughs Lokesh, 29, a CA in Delhi.

Easy to put together

Who said putting together a Halloween costumes has to be a pain? Aakash Arora, 26, a graphic designer, says, “I’m dressing up as the Penguin, and all I need to do for it is suit up!” Nirali, 29, a school teacher, who will be dressing up as The Riddler, says, “My younger brother loves the character. I follow and know all about comics and the different characters, all thanks to him. It was quite easy to put together as well – all I needed was a green coat. I just got question marks printed on it and teamed them up with a hat.” Poison Ivy is a hit among ladies this year, and there are many variations of this powerful villain roaming the streets of Delhi this Halloween. “I’m making my costume at home this year. Poison Ivy is not just one of the hottest characters, but her costume is quite pretty and easy to make. I’m using a lot of glitter and fake leaves that I will just stick on a basic green dress,” says Sawani, 21, a design student. Yashmita, 25, a freelance photographer, shares the same sentiment. “Poison Ivy’s costume is easy to make. I’m going to spend Saturday morning putting actual leaves on my clothes.” Anish Vohra, 32, a hotelier, adds, “I’m dressing up as the Scarecrow and there’s isn’t much I need to do for it. I’ll just have to throw a brown paper bag over my head and make holes for my eyes and nose.”

Princesses take a backseat

Even outside the superheroes and villains world, it’s the bad guys who’re ruling this Halloween. People don’t want to dress up as Disney princes and princesses anymore – they want to be Disney villains instead. Tanya, 27, a musician based in Gurgaon, says, “I’m dressing up as Cruella de Vil. It’s one of the easier costumes and a classic. We’ve all been scared of her at some point.” Akanksha Mehra, 26, who works in Gurgaon, says, “The Little Mermaid was my favourite when I was a kid. So, I’m dressing as Ursula, the sea witch. She had this glorious bass voice when she would sing.” Pallavi, 27, who works with a publishing firm, says, “I’m dressing up as the Red Queen and my sister as the White Queen as we both love Lewis Carol.”Read more at:cheap evening dresses uk

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