For people experiencing hair loss, or for those who love the comfort, versatility and pleasure of wearing wigs indian remy full lace wigs, synthetic wigs offer a natural alternative to human hair wigs. Not only are synthetic wigs cheaper, they can also be lighter and cooler and retain their longer style of human hair wigs. A disadvantage for synthetic wigs, however, is the tendency of their synthetic fibers to develop static electricity. The resulting fly-away hairs can be annoying and threatening a style top human hair wigs, but static electricity is simple to control.

• Fill a sink with cold water and add the synthetic wig conditioner as instructed on the label or 1 c. Liquid softener. After washing, submerge the wig in this rinse solution to reduce static electricity.

• Lightly rub a sheet of fabric softener on the surface of a synthetic wig if static electricity becomes a problem when you wear it.

• Lightly spray fresh water on a synthetic wig and smooth with your hands to remove static electricity from the wig.

Tips and Warnings

Always wash and rinse a synthetic wig in cold water.

Always leave a synthetic wig in dry air. Never use a dryer.

Never use curlers, flat irons or other appliances on synthetic wigs.

Never brush or comb a wig while it is damp.

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