A street in a Chicago suburb will be renamed after Seoul’s bustling business/entertainment district of Gangnam-gu.

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The decision marks the establishment of a partnership between Gangnam-gu and Illinois’ 10th congressional district in various fields, including public administration, business, culture and tourism.

“Gangnam Drive” is in a street leading to the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago in downtown Wheeling, Illinois. Gangnam-gu has been promoted internationally through K-pop star Psy’s smash-hit song “Gangnam Style” in 2012.

Gangnam-gu said Sunday its mayor Shin Yeon-hee signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the naming and partnership with Robert Dold, representative for Illinois’ 10th congressional district, Friday.

The district is in the northeast corner of Illinois and is home to the headquarters of large firms including Kraft Foods and Walgreens.

Since 2011, the two districts have hosted several cultural exchange programs, including “Gangnam Symphony Orchestra in Wheeling” and “Little OL Korea in Chicago.” In November, Dold and Wheeling Mayor Dean Argiris visited Gangnam in return.

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