This bride lost over 7 ½ stone in the year between her engagement and wedding, after not being able to recognise herself in her proposal photos

This Texan bride decided to undergo a total lifestyle change and shed the pounds after seeing photos from her engagement.

Haley Smith said the day her fiancé Matt proposed was the best day of her life except for one thing- she was ashamed of how she looked in the photos.

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She told People Magazine: “I saw them and didn’t even recognize myself.”

“I cried because this was one of the happiest moments of my life, but I was just so ashamed. I didn’t understand how Matt could want to be with someone like me. After seeing those, I knew I needed to change.”

The 24 year old made the decision to change her life for the better and was determined to shed the pounds before her wedding day.

Instead of embarking on a faddy diet or making any drastic lifestyle changes, she decided to make “slow habit changes” to lose the weight safely.

She said: “I had tried drastic diets or workouts in the past and always failed after a matter of weeks,” says Smith. “With the small changes, I would just pick two habits and after about a week or two of sticking to it, I’d pick two more.”

One of the first things she changed was she stopped eating after 8pm and limited eating out to twice a week. She also kept a food diary, recorded how much water she drank and kick-started a fitness regime.

In the year between her engagement and her wedding Hayley managed to lose and incredible 110lbs but she doesn’t pretend that her journey was easy: “Motivation has been such a tricky thing.”

She admits that she sometimes finds herself getting bored and discouraged but has some tips to keep on track.

“For example, I have decorated my scale, I hang motivational quotes and signs all over my house, I love daily goal charts that I can physically check off having completed a task, I bought a Fitbit, and one of my biggest motivations has been starting my fitness Instagram account. It really helps to keep me mindful of all of this while being held accountable.”

The psychology graduate has shared her entire journey on Instagram and last week she shared some special moments from the day she had been building up to- her wedding.

She couldn’t be happier with achievement: “I thought for sure I would get married in a long-sleeve ball gown dress to hide my whole body, but I ended up picking a strapless mermaid dress. I felt so beautiful in it!”

“Instead of being self-conscious and hiding or sweating the whole time, I was able to feel confident, relax, enjoy my family and friends.”

“I honestly never thought I would feel so happy and carefree about myself on my wedding day.”

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