A bride has been widowed at the age of 22 after her groom died just 17 days after their wedding.

Hannah Legge rushed to marry the love of her life Steve six months early after doctors said there was nothing more they could do to treat his terminal head and neck cancer.

The couple then married at a dream ceremony close to their home in Leamington Spa, in a bid to spend their precious remaining time together as husband and wife.

But just weeks after the wedding, Mr Legge, also 22, was taken to a hospice in Warwick where he later died.

Despite her heartbreak, Mrs Legge said that the couple’s wedding was the ‘perfect’ day and that her husband ‘never stopped smiling’.

She said: ‘At times he felt a little bit sick and tired, but he was never one to let this show, so he just put a smile on and got on with it. He didn’t stop smiling throughout the day.’

The pair, who had first met in 2012, tied the knot at Mallory Court Hotel on a ‘perfect’ winter day in December last year.

Mr Legge felt sick and tired at times and struggled to eat the wedding breakfast because one of his tumours had reduced the size of his windpipe.

But Mrs Legge said the pair were determined not to let the illness dampen their celebrations. They swapped vows in front of 30 friends and family before marking the day with around 200 people at the reception.

Less than three weeks after the wedding, Mr Legge, also 22, was taken to a hospice in Warwick where he later died. The couple tied the knot in front of 30 people at the ceremony

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They also managed to raise £200 for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital charity – where Mr Legge was treated – by asking for donations in lieu of presents.

She said: ‘I knew that the cancer would kill him, but I was determined not to let this illness take away the one thing that truly mattered to me in my life.

‘I suppose I knew Steve wasn’t going to be here forever, so I learned not to take him for granted. We told each other we loved each other every day.’

Mr Legge was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, a cancer in the back of his nose, in November 2012 after finding a lump on his neck the size of an orange.

Shortly after, doctors discovered it had spread into his blood, which meant he would probably die within three years.

Mr Legge had chemotherapy but the cancer took a major toll on his body in the last year of his life. He struggled with walking, climbing stairs and driving and his future wife became his carer.

She said: ‘We both struggled with this journey at times, but together we got through it and leaned on each other. We kept each other strong and going.

‘He never once moaned or complained, he just took every day as it came and said “another day that I’m still here”. I was just in absolute awe of him and I still am to this day.’

Mrs Legge, a pharmacy admin officer, has now continued the fundraising and has collected nearly £2,000 for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity and The Myton Hospices.

She said: ‘Steve was taken away from us far too soon and I will do everything I can to raise as much money as possible in honour and memory of my courageous, amazing, brave, beautiful and inspirational husband.’

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