Two years ago, Amy Schumer took a break from a jog in Central Park to photobomb a couple’s engagement photo shoot. Now, the comedian isn’t only back at it, she’s stepping up her game! This week, Schumer stumbled upon a bride and groom taking their wedding photos, and couldn’t help but hilariously crash some of their snapshots.

E! News reports that Schumer was in London on Thursday for a meeting with designer Stella McCartney, when she spotted a pair of newlyweds taking their wedding photos outside. Jasmin Pereira and Jon Bates had just said their “I dos” at the nearby Mayfair Library, and their already memorable day was about to be even more so.

In the middle of their post-nupitals photo shoot, Schumer creeped up behind the bride and groom for some truly epic snapshots. Prepare for all the Instagram likes, you two!

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“Amy was just lovely,” Jasmin told E! News, explaining, “She got out of her car and asked for a pic with us. She congratulated us and she let us take some photos by her car!”

“After we had finished taking photos, she offered us a lift to our reception, as we were hailing a cab,” the bride continued. “She said, ‘Go take it for a spin!’ We declined but appreciated the offer. All the guests were really impressed and thought it was hilarious. Weddings can be a boring stuffy affair but Amy added a bit of excitement and a laugh.” Hey, it’s what the woman does best, after all!

Schumer first photobombed a pair of lovebirds in June 2015. Grooms-to-be Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore were snapping their engagement photos in Central Park when Schumer ran by on a jog. “Oh my god! Are you taking engagement photos? Let me get in one!” she screamed, Joseph told People magazine, before she jumped in on the photo shoot.

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