An American woman desperate to escape Donald Trump’s presidency has offered herself out as a “mail order bride” – to Scotsmen.

The Californian, known only as Wendlynne, wants to flee to the Highlands as a following the shock election result.

Posting on Reddit’s Scotland page in the early hours of this morning, Wendlynne described herself as “Late 30s” and “fit-ish”.

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She is looking for a man “comfortable with skirts and female leaders” and with the genetic “potential for ginger babies”, the Daily Record reports .

Wendlynne said she was packing her suitcase and could be at Los Angeles International and on a plane to Scotland within two hours.

The post was titled “Mail order bride; soon to be ex-American and two Scottish terriers looking for shelter in the Highlands”.

It states: “Trump is leading. Since my ulster family fled to the US in 1643 when the Catholics were lighting them on fire, I don’t know that it’s a good plan to expatriate to Ireland.

“So! Hello /r[eddit]/scotland. Late 30s, fit-ish, doesn’t cook, spends too much time on reddit, bakes well, sews like a mofo, no kids, two Scottish terriers and one paint horse in tow.

“Seeks countrymen with IQ relatively superior to sea slugs, genetic potential for ginger babies, and men comfortable with skirts and female leaders.

“Packing suitcase now, can be at Los Angeles International airport within about two hours after election results come in.”

Several potential suitors appeared interested in the offer.

Some Reddit users rained on her parade by explaining the difficulty one would have emigrating to Scotland.

‘Hopped’ said: “It’s pretty difficult to immigrate here (not as bad as it is to become an American, but close).

“Ireland is easy because if you have an Irish grandparent, you automatically get accepted. For the UK it’s harder: you’ll need a college degree, a work visa, and a potential husband.”

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