The Radius Wig, you know all the famous cheap synthetic wig and wig with natural hair quality. But there are also other types of wigs. You can find the monofilament wig, wig “lace front” wig handmade. To help you draw these types of wigs, strakes we feature. Any type of wigs has its advantages depending on the purpose it is used.

A monofilament wig is a wig made of a monofilament cap. This is the guarantee for a 100% natural look and comfort. The top of the cap consists of a thin membrane that perfectly imitates the texture of the scalp. Hair was implanted individually and manually in this hat. Monofilament wigs can be styled in any direction while taking a look too, as life-like.

With handmade wig, your natural hair will be released. The hair of this type of wig is completely hand-woven on a tulle addition. The hat is very light and comfortable to wear. Each hair of the wig is manually pegged Wigsen, which attaches the same color as the head. This gives the appearance of the hair from your own scalp. On the standard cap, the hair on belts mechanically ventilated and elastic sewn. The strips are sewn together around the cap.

Wear a wig lace front is the American celebrities adopt. The “lace wigs” or “wigs invisibles” wigs are not detectable. These wigs are made from a very thin thread that perfectly imitates the texture of the scalp. This net tulle provides a natural border white human hair wig, giving you the impression that the hair is directly from the scalp. The wig is usually glued to the skin at the base of the scalp. They are so flexible that you can style as you want. Now the wig is a very fashionable accessory.

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