There, Milan shares her catalog of tasty vegan dishes being consumed by a revolving crew of gorgeous, tattooed women cast against a bleach-white backdrop like something out of a NYLON magazine spread.

But the cookbook departs from what began as Milan’s love affair with guilt-free sweets to include a full-blown menu of 85 dishes, including savory ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner — and showcased by 50 uber-cool models.


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“All of these recipes keep things simple without the use of meat, dairy, gluten or soy,” writes Milan in her introduction. “This isn’t a crazy diet or a fad, this is just an easy way to have fun in the kitchen while staying healthy to boot.”

The author makes good on her promise. Though green juices, quinoa bowls and red lentil daals all make an occasional appearance, most of the recipes in the cookbook tend toward “comfort” or “party” foods, such as Jalapeno Poppers, Zucchini Fritters, Mojito Cupcakes and Strawberry Cream Pancakes.

They’re a cinch to prepare, too. All of the ingredients are familiar and easily found at local supermarkets, while the equipment called for is no more complicated than blenders, pots, and pans. In other words, no heavy lifting required.

Milan’s simple-yet-stylish approach has clearly struck a chord with the 20-something set: Copies of Lookbook Cookbook have already sold out in Urban Outfitters stores nationwide. But that doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to health-conscious cooks of any age.

“I believe that food should be fun, eating should be embraced and calories should never be counted. And rarely will you have to count when you are eating so fresh and clean,” Milan writes. “Unless of course you flipped straight to the dessert chapter, but a little indulgence never hurt anyone in that case. Everything in moderation, right?”

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