What does one wear to land a Bachelor? When I was Editor of Cleo magazine, Bachelor had a different connotation – there were 50 of them, and from the looks of every single woman at the finale party, each one was a match made in heaven.

This time of year, there is only one Bachelor, Sam Wood, and his choice of women seem to be cut of the same cloth.

From glamorous single mothers who don’t leave the house without a pair of heels, to girls who look like they’re on the way to their year 12 formal in a Hummer limo, the house is choc-full of fancy lace, flowing dresses and more floral applique than the final round of a Miss Universe pageant.

Jasmin is now an aspiring fashion designer after not getting a rose. 

(Photo:pink prom dresses)Yawn. What happened to a good old pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt? Wouldn’t it be cool if someone didn’t have a blow-dry? Or wore a nose ring even?

I’m not advocating a bunch of body piercings, I don’t even have a tattoo, but I wish they would have chosen women with a variety of styles to parade on television, rather than your usual cookie-cutter, glam, almost-model types. Then he’d really have a choice.

At the moment it seems his options are very samey. Do I take the girl in the long black sequins or the girl in the long black sequins? How about the girl in the long black sequins?

No wonder he takes 13 episodes to settle (settle being the operative word).

“The long dressy thing gets a bit boring,” says Phillip, 38, “it’s hard to show your personality when everyone’s wearing a similar dress. I think they need to let their personalities show through, it would be more interesting.”

But women are more forgiving of the fashion.

“I love looking at all the pretty dresses!” says Caroline, 28, “I always want to see what the girls are wearing, it’s like an awards night.”

Yes, where the winner gets the lucky Wood. Don’t you want to be lining up in your Sunday best to either get rejected or continue with the weird-gal-clan clamouring for his affections?

Sigh. If we must, here are a few tips for the contestants to stand out if they want to still look amazing while mixing up their look.

Try a different hairstyle. Bold and the Beautiful curled blow-dries are so 2009. The new look is called “rich girl hair” and it’s a slight water wave in your otherwise straight locks. So much cooler than B&TB “tresses”.

Less eyeliner. To invoke the image of a woman, rather than an image of a woman who’s trying to catch a Bachelor.

Less pouf. And I never thought I’d ever say this, but possibly less tulle. I didn’t even know you could over-tulle, but these girls prove you can.

No platforms. At least, not the beige, fake Louboutin kind. Platforms this season are overly-chunky and ’70s style. They are awesome. Fake Louboutin nude platforms are the shoe equivalent of home brand Tim Tams.

More super-fine jewellery. The kind that is a millimetre wide and sits on your skin like a barely-there band.

No sweetheart necklines. None. Whatsoever. Ever again. Are we clear on this? I hope so.

It’s not much to ask, but it will improve our television viewing dramatically.


Love all for Nadal

Finally someone clever tapped Rafael Nadal​ to pose with his shirt off. The underwear launch was some kind of bizarre strip-tennis played in New York City, where he faced off against models like Chanel Iman, and each time someone scored a point their opposition had to remove a piece of clothing. I’m imagining Rafa let a few points slide so he could end up in his Tommy Hilfiger underwear. Nobody minded at all.

Cahill launches his own line

Still on sports stars, Tim Cahill has launched his own line of “contemporary sport luxe line for men” exclusively into Glue stores. Called Cahill+, the range comprises shirts, hoodies, jackets and shorts meant to be worn off the field. The line is available nationally at all Glue stores.Read more at:green prom dresses

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